Custom Control for OEMs

Label Applicator MachineDoes your product deserve an improved Control System that incorporates advanced features, enhanced performance and competitive superiority?

Chromalock can provide a microprocessor based solution designed specifically to your needs. Working with your product experts, we become your electronics partner.

Using innovative application of custom designed microprocessor control, the partnership brings cost-effective, "total package" solutions to give you technological and cost advantage in your market.
Label Printing Machine
Typical Industries include:

  • Food Processing 
  • Water Pressurisation Control System
  • Boiler and Furnace Control
  • High Speed Label Application and Printing Equipment
  • Molten Metal System (Crucible) Controller
  • Railway Signalling
  • Industrial Laundry Equipment
  • Automotive Alarms, Lighting and Gear Box Control Systems

  Commercial Laundry Machine