Sub Contract Assembly

The Chromalock sub-contract division is able to offer you quick set-up and turnaround for all your Printed Circuit Board requirements from single or double-sided to multi layer boards at very competitive rates.

All boards are manufactured and quality controlled to ISO 9001 standards and Chromalock also has additional accreditation for Medical Devices and for Automotive Components.

Manufacturing facilities include: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Plated Through Hole (PTH), Die-Bonding, Semi-automatic component placing, Flow Soldering and Computer aided automatic robotic testing and diagnosis (ATE).

In addition to PCBs, we also offer sub-assembly and manufacture of many other items such as: Cable, connectors, enclosures, sensors also packaging and labelling.

For high volume runs, we can offer Far East pricing with European Quality, achieved by utilising our own facilities in China, which are subject to our ISO 9000 quality system.

We would be delighted to quote for prototypes or batch production runs from your drawings and specifications. Components are normally sourced by us but we are happy to use free-issue items.

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